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18 Jan

Chronicle of a Deportation

Fausto: Dear cousin, are you ready to leave?
Gustavo: Even if I am not the time has come.
Fausto: Ok then, let it be as your destiny dictates. But before those who are destroying your life and are denying you a better future take you away from my presence, I came here to say, dear cousin, in this country we have shared things that we were unable to do in our country, and those are the things that give pleasure to our body. Let’s keep our hope alive, and believe it dear cousin, one day somewhere in the world you and I will talk about the things that satisfy the mind, the things that make us better human beings. We will also talk about the liberty that we never enjoyed in this country, the liberty that they denied to both of us.
Gustavo: Are you implying that instead of hurting me, they are giving me liberty and peace of mind with this deportation?
Fausto: That is unknown to me my good cousin. But I hope that your hard work and determination to accomplish your goal will drive you in that direction.
Gustoavo: I have a favor to ask.
Fausto: While time still remains, let the air flow and feel free to ask me whatever you need.
Gustavo: I have no time to tell them goodbye, and it will certainly help if you read this farewell to my little brother, my cousins, and my friends. It is important that they know that I fought against this predicament. It is important that they know that I fought with all my power against my deportation. I did not give up without a fierce fight. They defeated me. With this defeat, my future has turned south. Now, I can already see my mother’s tears. I can already hear the empty stomachs of the little kids that I wanted to feed. My eyes not longer see the bright light that shined my future here……

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