Hispanic Queens Chambers of Commerce Celebrated its Annual Gala

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By: Fausto Sicha


          On December 11, the Hispanic Queens Chambers of Commerce (HQCC) celebrated its eighth annual gala. This event that took place in the luxurious Terrace on the Park attracted people from all backgrounds such as business owners, students, community activists, and elected officials such as the Assemblyman Jose Peralta. The low temperatures did not stop neither women from wearing their beautiful dresses nor people from attending this important event. From the beginning, the organizers of the event greeted and welcomed people at the door and signaled another successful event while at the same time posed for pictures that will be a true reminder of that great night.

         Networking events like this are happening with more frequency in the Latino Community. The annual gala of the Hispanic Federation, the first annual gala Scholarship for the Future organized by Juventud Ecuatoriana, and the first Colombian Fashion Show testify that the Latino community is organizing itself and is getting together with the purpose of helping each other.

          “If one does not get together, first, we don’t know what our problems are, and second, we are not able to help each other” said Fernando Tapia the owner of Best Way,[1] a commercial & business Loan Company. Tapia who has attended the HQCC gala before spoke highly about the event while at the same time admitted that he did not networked that night as much as he wanted to, mainly because he took another six people with him, all of whom are planning to apply for membership in the following weeks.

          Milton Florez, a criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor was very satisfied with the network opportunity that he and his colleagues from Milton H. Florez, Esq. Law Firm[2] had that night. “I am a new member of the HQCC and this is the first time that I attend this gala” said Mr. Florez. Then he went on to say, “I will definitely recommend other people to become a member of this chamber, the $ 150 price that you pay for the ticket is worth it, and the memories that you get here are unforgettable.”

          The same positive sentiment is shared by Rafael Mendoza the founder of Paris Touch,[3] a recruitment agency. “My wife and I recently began attending networking events and we are having so much fun,” said Mr. Mendoza. Then he added, “I am applying next week for membership and I think business owners should do the same. This is definitely a great opportunity to have fun, network and meet professional who can be of great value in your future endeavors.”

          But beyond the networking opportunities it also seems clear that the missions of the HQCC are attracting new members. One of those missions is to provide scholarship to Queen’s students who are seeking to attain undergraduate and graduate degrees. This year there was only one $ 2,000 scholarship, but hopefully things will be different next year as the national economy improves. Latinos need to understand that the promotion of education among our own people is an investment in our community. The more Latinos are elected to an office, the more Latinos have government administrative positions the greater the chance of getting the necessary public funds in our districts.

         The successful gala event, the increase in membership, and the scholarship that was given away, are all positive examples that the HQCC is given to other non-profit organizations. These examples remind us of the necessity of working together. Latinos will have a bigger voice when united we stand up for what we deserve. That voice is beginning to be heard. That voice is coming from the HQCC. There we have a positive example to follow.

[1] Best Way Management Corp.  Commercial and Business Loans. 34-56 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11208. Telf. 917.796.6254.

[2] Milton H. Florez, Esq. Attorney at Law. 40-06 Warrant St. Elmhurst, NY 11373. www.florezlaw.com. Telf. 718.685.0073

[3] Paris Touch. 87-12 80th St. Woodhaven, NY 11421. www.theparistouch.com. Telf. 718.775.5942

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