I Promise

20 Jul 2010 by Fausto Sicha, No Comments »

By: Fausto Sicha


I promise to follow you, to forget my ego and my selfishness, and to try to see things from your point of view.

I promise to lead, to lighten your weight when you begin to walk slower, and to grab your hand when you are falling behind.

I promise to believe, to deeply have faith in your dream as I have in my own, and to trust every single step that you take in your life.

I promise to forgive, to learn from our mistakes, and knowing that in life we should never give up, I solemnly promise to stand up again with a greater force.

I promise to understand, to realize that you have different needs, and to understand that just like me, you are human and make mistakes.

I promise to share, to put at your disposal the little that I know, and every time that you are in need, to willingly share the little that I have.

I promise to be there for you, to enthusiastically help you when others walk away, and to alleviate your distress by lending you a helping hand.

I promise to keep dreaming, to learn your ability to forgive, to hope that you will never leave, and to wish that my company means happiness to you.

I promise to look ahead, to picture you accomplishing your dreams, to look up and see you in the hill’s top, and to hear your voice and the sounds of victory.

I promise to be thankful, to always express my gratitude for the things that I have learned from you, and to be thankful for the rest of my life, because your friendship simply means the world to me.

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