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20 Jul 2010 by Fausto Sicha, No Comments »

By: Fausto Sicha


I believe that the place where I live is my country

And that the country that I left behind will always be my home.


I believe that feeding a family is not a crime

And that those undocumented immigrants who do that are not criminals.


I believe a man is free to leave his country to provide for his family

And that he should offer loyalty to the country of his destination.


I believe that some US citizens did not forget where their families came from

But that they just rather ignore that fact

When talking about undocumented immigrants.


I believe that an immigrant has two responsibilities:

Contribute to the betterment of the country where he lives

And help to improve the country that he left.


I believe that a man should never forget the place that he left behind

And that he should learn the language and culture of the country where he now lives.


I believe that the issue of illegal immigration can be solved

Not by building walls or detention centers

But by educating people and giving them better opportunities.


I believe that immigrants can reach their full potential

And that together we can build a great nation.


I believe that immigrants need more opportunities to succeed

That is why legalization is important.


I believe that the shadows can only hide immigrants for a few years

And that soon the determination of my people will force them to seek the light.

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